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Shake your Lattella well before opening.
Lattella Produkte
100 Pflazlich Teaser
100 Pflanzlich Teaser Produkt

Lattella 100% Pflanzlich

Flexitarian? Vegan? Or simply want to try something new? No matter what you are in the mood for today: Pour yourself a Lattella! This Lattella is 100% plant-based!
Produkte Hintergrund Klassik
Produktbild - Lattella Mango

Lattella Classic

The many delicious flavors of Lattella drinks are the ideal companions through the day and provide pleasant refreshment and special drinking pleasure.
Produkte Hintergrund Limitted Edition
Fruchtige Produkte - Lattella Limitted Edition

Lattella Limited Edition

You have decided! The Lattella of your choice is:
Lattella Limited Edition Dragon Fruit.
Produkte Hintergrund Lattella Protein
Fruchtige Produkte - Lattella Protein

Lattella Protein

Lattella Protein is the fresh fruity protein source with high-quality whey protein for your workout! It is a refreshing fruity thirst quencher and also lactose-free, without added sugar and fat-free.
Produkte Hintergrund Lattella Light
Fruchtige Produkte - Lattella Light

Lattella Light

Full of flavour with no added sugar* - nutrition- and weight-conscious consumers will especially love Lattella light, since it contains no added sugar* and has a delightful full and fruity Lattella taste despite 50% fewer calories. The two delicious flavours of Lattella light are ideal for pleasant refreshment and an especially enjoyable drink throughout the day.

*Whey and fruit naturally contain sugar.
Produkte Hintergrund Lattella Minis
Fruchtige Produkte - Lattella Minis

Lattella Mini

New Lattella Mini in little 200 ml cartons with practical drinking straw are ideal for children or anyone who wants a little thirst quencher!
Produkte Hintergrund Eis
Fruchtige Produkte Eis

Lattella Ice Cream

Lattella ice cream is a fine creamy ice cream treat made from original Lattella frucht & molke. It is refreshingly fruity and wonderfully creamy. So every spoon tastes like summer and pure sun.

Sip me Baby one more time.

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