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What is Lattella?

Lattella drink is more than just a fruit juice – and this is thanks to its special base, whey. Whey naturally contains essential nutrients from milk, such as important vitamins, proteins, and minerals, but is virtually fat-free. Since Lattella is made without preservatives or artificial colours, this drink meets all the requirements of a modern and healthy diet.

The many delicious flavours of Lattella drinks are ideal for pleasant refreshment and an especially enjoyable drink throughout the day. For breakfast, at school, in the office, or on the go - the favourite places for enjoying a refreshing sip of Lattella are as diverse as the flavours.

essential vitamins
fat free
without preservatives
without colorings

What is whey?

Whey, also called milk serum, is a product obtained during cheese production. In this process, the milk is coagulated by rennet and lactic acid bacteria.

In the process, the solid part of the milk, known as curd, is separated from the liquid part - the whey. The whey obtained in this way therefore contains all the valuable ingredients of the milk, but is practically fat-free.

Lattella Geschichte

How it all began ...

Lattella has been Austria's No. 1 dairy brand for over 40 years, making Austria the nation of dairy drinkers.

What today stands so confidently in the refrigerated shelves everywhere has a lot of development and persuasion work behind it. Back then, the question was how the whey produced during cheese production could be refined to its full value. This was an ambitious task, which the team at Inntal Milch Wörgl dealt with intensively for a long time.

In 1979, the first Lattella package appeared in the refrigerated section with an inconspicuous mango on the front. A product innovation, as it later turned out. But at that time, very few consumers knew what to associate with a fruit whey drink or even less with a "mango".

Lattella Geschichte

This quickly changed and, thanks to intensive marketing efforts, the two classic varieties "Mango" and "Passion Fruit" soon became the favorite drinks of many Austrians. The foundations for the domestic fruit whey market had been laid.

The concept is easily explained: high-quality fruit and pure whey guarantee the high quality and uniqueness. Lattella contains essential nutrients from milk as well as vitamins, proteins and minerals. Lattella is produced with care - without the use of preservatives or colorings. And on top of that, it is an Austrian product - made from pure Austrian milk.

Over the years, the original has often been copied, but never equaled. Lattella is still the market leader and the reason why no other European country drinks as much fruit whey as Austria.

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