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Mango Maracuja

The Indians say the mango has mental powers – that would explain such cleverly constructed wonders of the world like the Taj Mahal. What's also ingenious is when the delicious mango meets the fruity passion fruit. Connoisseurs will quickly get a good idea: they drink their Lattella immediately.

The taste of mango is pleasantly sweet and highly aromatic.

Passion fruit has a refreshingly sweet and sour taste and a particularly exotic aroma.

Nutritional Values and Ingredients

Fermented whey with 10 % fruit, contains sugar and sweetener, pasteurized

Ingredients: sweet whey, 5 % mango puree, 5 % passion fruit juice from concentrate, sweetener sucralose, acidity regulator citric acid, sodium citrate, aroma


Nutritional value per 100 ml:

energy value20 kcal / 83 kJ
fat (g) 0,1
of which saturated fatty acids <0,1
carbohydrates (g)4,4
of which sugar (g)3,9
protein (g)0,1
salt (g)0,13
Lattella light