Lattella - Cranberry

Winter Edition Cranberry

Lattella is a unique combination of selected fruits and high quality whey made from best Austrian milk.
Did you know that cranberries love to swim? To harvest cranberries, the beds with the small cranberry bushes are flooded with water. Cranberries float on top of the water surface and can easily be collected.

Nutritional Values and Ingredients

Lattella Cranberry – Pasteurised fermented whey drink with cranberry juice from concentrate. Ingredients: Fermented sweet whey (Milk), 8,5% cranberry juice from concentrate, sugar, 0,9% apple juice from con- centrate, red beet juice concentrate,colouring food black carrot concentrate, stabilizer guar gum, acidity regulator citric acid, sodium citrate; avor.


Nutritional value per 100 ml:

energy value43 kcal / 182 kJ
fat (g) <0,5
of which are saturated  <0,1
carbohydrates (g)10
of which are sugar (g)9,9
protein (g)0,3
salt (g)0,10