Lattella - Apricot


Sometimes you wonder why apricots are a bit furry on the outside, because, as a typical summer fruit, they certainly don't get cold in all the sun. Inside, however, it is very fruity and refreshing. So fits in perfectly with our Lattella family

Nutritional Values and Ingredients

Whey drink fermented with 10% Apricot purée, pasteurised.

Ingredients: Fermented sweet whey, 10% apricot purée, sugar, aroma, carrot extract, acidity regulators: citric acid, ascorbic acid, citrate


Nutritional value per 100 ml:

energy value42 kcal / 180 kJ
fat (g) <0,5
of which are saturated  <0,1
carbohydrates (g)9,7
of which are sugar (g)9,6
protein (g)0,6
salt (g)0,12